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CURRICULUM VITAE PROF. ROBERTO RONCHETTI Roberto, Ronchetti, born in Rome , 5.8.1935. Academic curriculum Completed high school in Rome ; fellowship for the University of Parma (College A. Berenini), where he obtained the degree of Doctor in Medicine in November 1959. Assistant at the Paediatric Clinic University of Parma from December 1959. Specialist in Paediatrics 1964. Associated professor in the same Clinic 1965. “Libera Docenza” in Paediatrics 1965. Specialist in Immunology and Allergology 1971. Chair of “Nuclear Medicine”, University of Parma, 1972. Chair of Paediatrics , University of Parma, 1974. Called at the University of Rome ”La Sapienza” 1974. Chair of Paediatrics 1977 and Full Professor of Paediatrics 1984 University of Rome ”La Sapienza”. “Workpakage Leader” of Toxicology in the EU Project PINCHE :2002-2005. Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics 2003. Clinical curriculum Since 1975 Professor Ronchetti has been head of the Service of “Paediatric Respiratory Illnesses” at the “Policlinico Umberto I. of “La Sapienza” University of Rome : the Service, fully scientifically oriented. was attended by more than 40 physicians including Associates, Assistants, Doctors of Research, Students of the University School of Paediatric and by numerous visiting scientist from abroad. The Service was equipped with an Hospital ward of 20 beds, a Broncoscopic department, a Respiratory-Function Laboratory, Laboratories of Allergology, Immunology, Microbiology and a Nuclear-Medicine Department, fully dedicated to “paediatric-pulmonary-diagnostic procedures”. This laboratory for more than ten years was officially in collaboration with the “Bambino Gesù” pedistric hospital, each year performing hundreds of clinical investigations on the patients of this hospital: in this activity the Service earned founds to support its’ own scientific activity. Among others activities this Department performed several large epidemiological campaigns on unselected school populations, mainly aged 9 years, in the city of Rome, in Viterbo (Lazio), in Poland, in Slovakia, in Libya, describing the temporal trend of the prevalence of atopy and of asthma during an interval of more than 30 years. With the creation of the 2nd School of Medicine of the University “La Sapienza”, in 1999 Prof Ronchetti and his Chair and Service were transferred to the “St Andrea Hospital” in Rome. In the course of about 25 years more than 25 physicians of the staff of the “Paediatric Respiratory Service” spent time periods longer than one year in scientific and prestigious foreign Centers for the achievement of optimal scientific competence. Honorary appointments President of the European Paediatric Respiratory Society (1988-1990). Twice President of the Italian Society of Paediatric Respiratory Diseases (1976-79 and 1985-1988). Member of the National council of the Italian Society of Paediatrics(1988-1990). President of the Lazio Regional Section of the Italian Society of Paediatrics (1989-!990). Scientific Director of “The Journal of Pediatric Bronco-Pneumology” for 13 years (1988-2001) and of the Italian Journal “Il Pediatra” for 3 years (1994-1997). Responsible of the Italian part of the inter-university agreement between the Paediatric Clinic of Rome and the “Matki y Diezca” (Mother and Child) Institute –Branch for Paediatric Respiratory Diseases of Rabka (Crakow) – Poland 1980-2003. Responsible of the Italian part of the inter-university agreement between the Paediatric Clinic of Rome and the Institute for Paediatric Respiratory Diseases in Dolni Smokovec, Slovakia 1992-2003. President of the Regional Section of Lazio of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) 2004-current. Scientific Activity Prof. Ronchetti is Author of more than 450 publications, 180 in International Journals. Fields    of    interest have been: Paediatrics, Nuclear Medicine (diagnostic paediatric applications), Allergology and Immunulogy, Respiratory Physio-pathology , Epidemiology, Toxicology, Environmental causes of paediatric illnesses. Stages: Euratom (six months, Ispra-Varese-Italy 1965). Hospital Baviere, Liege, Belgium, (1 year, 1968). Hammersmith Hospital, London (1 year,1 973). Atomic Center “Vincja” –Beofrad, Jugoslavia –(2 months, 1963). Visiting scientist: Mayo Clinic, Rochester Min-USA(2 months,1982-1 month,1983). Health Respiratory Institute, Tucson ,Az- USA(several weeks btw1984,1985and 1987). Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada,(2 months, 1984). Institute for Mother and Child, Respiratory Branch, Rabka, Krakow, Poland and the Institute for Paediatric Respiratory Diseases in Dolni Smokovec, Slovakia in several occasions since 1980.
Professor Roberto Ronchetti